PrecisionCounter: Support (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I create and install the PrecisionCounter hit counter and statistical tracking code?
It’s very simple! Just create your account, copy the HTML/Javascript code provided after you’ve selected your counter style, and copy that code into your own web pages — and that’s it! To view your visitor statistics, simply return to this site, and login to Your Account.

Why are your hit counters and web site statistics free?
We include a single, text-only advertising link in your counter code which appears just below the counter images on your pages. This link allows us to provide our comprehensive traffic and statistical reporting service for free, and you must include the link along with the other code provided below. Note: We ONLY advertise for standard businesses and referral companies, so you will NOT see any adult or gambling-related links on your pages! Click here to review the details of these terms.

How accurate are your statistics?
We are able to record hits and page-views from all standard, unsecured web pages where you’ve installed our JavaScript counter code and those pages viewed by visitors who have JavaScript enabled in their web browsers.

There may be some small difference between our recorded hits and/or page-views and the actual number of visitors you receive for several possible reasons, including improper installation of our code, or some number of your site visitors having disabled javascript in their browsers, or perhaps even some interruption on the servers where either your site or ours resides.

There are many factors that can impact the external, script-based collection of statistical data like this. The most accurate statistical reporting would be derived from analysis of your own server log files, but that tends to involve software, maintenance and configuration costs which are definitely not FREE. The type of script/client-side service that we offer is best suited to providing an overall and fairly accurate view of your daily traffic, visitor demographics, search engine and other referral sources.

What is your Privacy Policy?
We respect your privacy! We do NOT share or in any way distribute any personal, business or contact information you may provide when creating an account here. We simply provide you a hit-counter and statistical reporting service in exchange for the included small text link which we use to advertise our affiliated sponsors — and that’s it! Click here for more information.

Can I create and use multiple accounts here?
Yes! But please note, you may have trouble logging out of one account and into another, because of the cookies used to establish a connection between you and your account. If you encounter this issue, simply use the “logoff” button from within your account, close ALL browsers and then login again with your other account username/password.