Welcome to precisioncounter.com -- Your top source for FREE hit counters and site statistics!

Welcome to PrecisionCounter.com -- Your Top Choice for FREE Hit-Counters AND Web Site Statistics!

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  • Just copy the HTML/SCRIPT code from your account into your own web pages, and you'll have an instant, FREE plug-in component which shows you how many people are visiting your site and/or which you can use to view statistics about your visitors! Register today - it's FREE!
  • We include a single, text-only advertising link which appears just below the counter images on your pages. This link allows us to provide this comprehensive traffic and statistical reporting service for free, and you must include the link along with the other code provided below. Note: We ONLY advertise for standard businesses and referral companies, so you will NOT see any adult or gambling-related links on your pages!
  • We respect your privacy! We do NOT share or in any way distribute any personal, business or contact information you may provide when creating an account here. We simply provide you a hit-counter and statistical reporting service in exchange for the included small text link which we use to advertise our affiliated sponsors -- and that's it!

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  • ALL of our hit-counters, statistics and accounts are 100% FREE!
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  • "Stealth" counters also available (and also FREE), which use a small icon to collect hit and traffic stats but not display your hit numbers to the public!
  • Password protection of your statistics included FREE!
  • Modify your own account, counter settings and styles at any time.
  • Comprehensive statistics, updated in real time (no waiting).
  • Track both unique visits AND page hits.
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News & updates:

  • Jan. 9, 2005:
    New "american flag" counter added (more coming soon!)
    american flag
  • Sep. 28, 2004:
    Bug fix: The "change password" feature is fixed now. If you need a new password to access your account again, please click here.
  • Jul. 28, 2004:
    40 new counter designs released!

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