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PrecisionCounter.com: Comprehensive Web Site Statistics (preview)

We collect NINE (9) different types of statistical data on your site visitors, which will help you figure out where to focus you efforts online! Where do your site visitors come from? How many pages are they reading? What search terms (on search engines like Google) are being used to find your site? What other web sites are referring or forwarding visitors to yours? All this and more can be found in the Statistics section of Your Account at any time. Sign-up today -- It's FREE!

Statistical reports and options include:

  • Summary Visitor Report of the past 31 days.*
  • The Referrers or Referring Site list includes the top 50 (and last 10).
  • Search Terms or "Keywords" list includes the top 50 (and last 10).
  • A Detailed Analaysis of your 50 most recent visitors.
  • Opt-in inclusion to our Top 10 list, which displays the 10 most visited sites using our counter service.
  • "Stealth-mode" counters available, which hide hit numbers from your visitors, but still collect statistical data
  • You're in control, and can update your own account settings or counter styles at any time!
* Note: Visitor stats and data are saved for 31 days and total "hits" are always available.

Sample Statistics Reporting Screens:

Visitors Report Summary for the last 31 days

Top 50 Referrers (and Last 10 Referrers)

Top 50 Keywords (and Last 10 Keywords)

Detailed Analysis of the Last 50 Visitors

Web Browsers

Screen Resolutions

Operating Systems



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