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If you are viewing this page now, we regret to inform you that the hit counter and statistical data for your account here have been lost. To continue using our service, you'll need to (1.) re-register/create a new account (below), and (2.) re-install the NEW counter code provided onto your site page(s).

Last week, PrecisionCounter experienced a major failure of the database which stores our account and statistical data. Basically, everything that could go wrong - did. We had originally designed our systems so that if our primary database were to ever fail (which it never has before) we would be able to restore service from a backup database within a few minutes. However, something also failed with the backup routines, and we discovered the backup data was corrupted and unrecoverable.

In the past year, PrecisionCounter has become a top provider of FREE traffic counters and site statistics - thanks completely to you, our customers. We'd also like to thank you in advance, for taking a few moments to create your replacement account and re-installing the new counter code on your page(s) so we may continue to serve you!

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